Medical Ethic books

1.  The Practical Guide to Medical Ethics & Law For junior doctors and medical students by d chloe-Maryse Baxter , Mark G Brennan, Dr. Yvette G M Coldicott 2002

2. Ethical Foundations of Health Care Responsibilities in Decision Making by Singleton Jane, McLaren Susan, 1995

3. Doing Right a Practical Guide to ethics for Medical Trainees and Physicians by Hebert Philip C 1995

4. Clinical Ethics by Albert R Jonsen, Mark Siegler, william J Winslade, 5th edition, 2002

5. Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine by Steinbock Bonnie, Arras John D, London Alex John, 6th edition, 2003

6. Biomedical Ethics by Mappes Thomas A & deGrazia David, 4th edition, 1996

7. Medical Ethics A Guide to Students and Practitioners edited by Maurice Davidson, 1957

8. Module for Teaching Medical Ethics to Undergraduates  WHO Publication, 2009

9. Proceedings of “The Research Forum” An Open Forum on Research Ethics and Methodology edited by Dr Kapila C Abeysuriya Prof Vajira H W Dissanayake, Prof Nalaka Mendis, 2004

10. Operational Guidelines for the Ethical Review committee of the Faculty of Medicine Colombo 2005 August

11. Ethical Criteria for medicinal drug promotion, WHO Publication 1988

12. Guidelines on Ethical Conduct for the Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 2005

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