Past Presidents

  1. Dr. C. St. John(1846)
  2. Dr. A. Fergusson(1851)
  3. Dr. W.R. Kynsey(1890)
  4. Dr. A. Perry
  5. Dr. G.J. Rutherford
  6. Dr. J.H.G. Bridger
  7. Dr. V Van Langenberg
  8. Dr. R. Briercliffe(1930-1936)
  9. Dr. S.T. Gunasekera(1936-1942)
  10. Dr. S.F. Chellappah(1942-1948)
  11. Dr. W.G. Wickremasinghe(1948-1951)
  12. Dr. D.L.J. Kahawita(1951-1958)
  13. Dr. W.A. Karunaratne(1958-1963)
  14. Dr. V.T. Herat Gunaratne(1963-1967)
  15. Prof. K Rajasuriya(1967-1972)
  16. Dr. W.D.L. Fernando(1972-1974)
  17. Dr. S.A. Cabraal(1974-1978)
  18. Dr. D.A. Gunawardena(1978-1980)
  19. Prof. N.D.W. Lionel(1980-1982)
  20. Dr. Theva A. Buell(1982-1990)
  21. Prof. Stella de Silva(1990-1993)
  22. Prof. M.S.L. Salgado(1994-1995)
  23. Prof. Wilfred Perera(1996-2013)
  24. Prof. Neville Perera(2013-up to date)

Sri Lanka Medical Library founder members were Dr. P D Anthonisz and Dr. J Loos in 1st June 1844.

It was established as the Colonial Medical Library on 1st June 1844

The name was changed on Ceylon Medical Library on 25th January 1939

The present name Sri Lanka Medical Library was assumed on 3rd November 1972






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